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Graphic for Financial Freedom Programme with Leah on one side wearing an orange and black spotted dress

Who is it for?

The '12-Week Money Mindset Transformation' is designed for you if you are struggling to move past your wealth creation state and you are looking for a complete transformation.

This space is magical and will dig deep into your unconscious mind to allow you to release all that is blocking you.

The 12 weeks have been created to take you on a journey with yourself and your mind each week is broken down below.

Week 1 - Our thoughts create our world, you will discover how your current thinking around money is creating the results that you are having in life and business.

Week 2 - Spiritual Alignment, we will unblock your 7 main energy centres to allow energy to flow to and through you without getting stuck.

Week 3 & 4 - The Power of Self Discovery, for two weeks you will be working on understanding who you are and why you think the way you do.

Week 5 - The 'Dash' we will understand how you have been spending your time, and whether this is aligned with your purpose.

Week 6 - Motivation, what is guiding your actions, we discover if it is from a place of growth and expansion, or past experiences.

Week 7 & 8 - Personal 1:1 Coaching, during the first 6 weeks we are generating information, with this information I created a personalised 1:1 Coaching Plan that we do together over these two weeks, no two experiences in these two weeks will be the same.

Week 9 - Re-evaluation, we have released a lifetime of old energy, thoughts and beliefs, now it is time to re-evaluate and re-align our thinking.

Week 10 - Unbreakable Goals, with your new-found way of thinking we will create some goals together for your life and business.

Week 11 - Living a life you love, we will create declarations of commitments to you and your life and business that you will declare and implement into your life.

Week 12 - Today and beyond, the 12 weeks are intense and incredibly transforming so we will create a way for you to keep the momentum and carry on creating a life you love every day.

This program runs 4 times per year, so there is no need to worry if you miss one session it will be running again very soon.

The programme launches at these points each year;





To find out more information and find out when the next cohort is launching please follow me on Instagram @Iamleahcrowfoot

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