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Meet Leah 

Leah is committed to helping business owners and entrepreneurs reach their full potential.


As a qualified and experienced Management Accountant, Master Practitioner of NLP and TimeLine Therapy, and Mental Fitness coach, I offer an array of services to help you achieve success. With many years of experience working with businesses of all income levels, I can help you scale and grow your business with a stable financial foundation.

This is who I am, this is what I do

I am a calm and present mother to Zachary and Oliver.

I am a passionate, loving and present wife to Tom.

I love and honour my body, taking care of it, and nourishing it with all it needs, taking notice and being aware of it daily.

I am brave, bold and unwavering in all that I do.

I take action daily to move towards my dreams.

I love myself and those around me, especially Tom, Zachary and Oliver unconditionally.

I am a student of life, playing the game of life, learning each and every day about myself and the world around me.

I am a powerful creator of loving service, every action I take comes from this only always.

I am abundant in all things in life, my overflow of abundance is for those I service each and every day, creating a life I love and deserve.

I change lives every day from my creation.

I love and embrace all that life is every day, connecting with my inner child and being open and curious about everything.

I am the Black Countries No1 Business and Finance Coaching supporting business owners to make their dreams come true.

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