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Financial Foundations VIP Call

Are you an undercharger? Over delivering? Struggling to hold onto money?

All of these come down to a lack of self-belief which triggers fear.

Would you like to become Financially Fearless?

Then I have the perfect thing for you.

Become Financially Fearless by creating strong Financial Foundations in just 3 hours



After Support

How the day works

3 Hours done via Zoom, going through your Financial Dreams and Aspirations and how we can make them a reality.

Together we will break it down into an implementable plan that will lead to long term sustainable wealth and living a life you love.

We will look at your current Money Mindset Blocks and reframe them so that they no longer hinder your success.

We will look at your current pricing strategy and create one that is more aligned with your Financial Goals.

We will create an implementation plan for you to get you to Fearless Financial Freedom

3 Months of Access to the Wealth Warrior Academy to get additional hands-on and face-to-face support, plus peer support.

An online platform to support through the implementation steps.

An additional 30-minute implementation session after 3 months to further imbed your Dream Life and path to Fearless Financial Freedom


Financial Foundations VIP Call is £495 £295 currently at an introductory price, so you are getting Wealth Warrior Academy Access for FREE!

Most clients that I have worked with have earned their investment back within 3-months of the session.

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